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Keeping you up-to-date with the required immunization for you and your family.
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What are your health regimens to avoid the continuous spread of chronic illnesses? It is important to take note of proper sanitation and hygiene care to guard yourself against harmful viruses and bacteria. That is why vaccines are made. Life-saving vaccinations have profound effects on the community. Our pharmacists at QD PHARMACY are well-positioned to administer immunizations for all customers of any age. When you get vaccinated, you are protecting others as well. It helps prevent you and your loved ones from getting diseases which don’t have medical treatments. There will also be a small number of people may be susceptible to diseases, especially those who have an impaired immune system.

There is a little to no risk of acquiring epidemic diseases if all people are immunized. For more information about our immunization service, kindly give us a call at 269-459-9648.